Wassail (Traditional Hot Holiday Drink)

Every year my family has been making their own version of Wassail.

"Wassail" is the Old Norse word for "good health".

"Wassailing" traditionally involved drinking to good health while singing.

This recipe is similar to a mulled cider, and can be made with or without alcohol.

When you make this, you can leave this pot on the stove all day long (just make sure to add more juice or water as the contents will start to evaporate)! Your house smells absolutely amazing after making this!

I make this recipe every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and leave it on my stove all day long to sip on! 

Here is a video of the recipe

What you'll need:

A large pot with a lid

Empty Reusable Tea Sachet (or some cheesecloth to use as a tea bag)

Apple Juice

Pure Cranberry Juice

Sprite or Ginger-ale (optional)

Fresh Orange Slices (from 1-2 Oranges)

1 pkg Cranberries (fresh of frozen)

Black Tea Bags (4-5 tea bags, or 1 1/2 T of loose tea)

2 "thumbs" of Fresh Ginger

4-6 Cinnamon Sticks

2 tsp Whole Cloves

2 tsp Mulling Spices

Red Wine or your choice of alcohol (optional)


1. Prepare your sachet of spices and tea. Combine black tea (if using loose tea) along with Whole Cloves and Mulling Spices into your reusable tea sachet and close. If using tea bags, just simply tie all of your tea bags' strings together for easy removal later.

2.  Combine all of your remaining ingredients (minus the alcohol) in your large pot, and heat over medium heat.

3. Let simmer for a minimum of 1 hour. You can leave this on the stove on low all day long, just adding juice or water as the contents of the pot start to evaporate.

4. Serve with (or without) wine or alcohol and enjoy! Cheers to good health!