DIY Natural Deodorant

Ever wanted to make your own natural deodorant that actually works?

Here's how!

Deodorant Recipe:
30g Grated Beeswax/Beeswax Pastilles
25g Kokum Butter
25g Cacao Butter
20g Coconut Oil
40g Arrowroot Powder
8 drops of Vitamin E oil
1/2 tsp Bentonite Clay
5-10 drop of Pure Essential Oil
3/4 tsp pure Vanilla extract
You'll also need:
Disposable deodorant containers
Double boiler or Crockpot
1. In a double boiler or Crockpot, melt the beeswax, kokum butter, cacao butter, and coconut oil.
2. Once completely melted, add remaining ingredients and whisk generously until everything is completely combined. Make sure to not have any clumps.
3. Carefully pour the liquid into your disposable containers. Now you just have to wait for them to cool over the next 24 hours, and they'll be ready to use!