Don't Throw Out Your Eggshells!

Don't throw out your eggshells! There are a ton of uses for them!

1. Put them into your compost! 

Eggshells are a valuable addition to compost because they provide essential nutrients like calcium, which can benefit plant growth. When eggshells are added to a compost pile, they undergo a process of decomposition facilitated by various micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, as well as macro-organisms like earthworms.

2. Make a calcium spray for your plants!

Rinse and allow your shells to dry completely. Crush up your shells, and place them in a jar with ACV (apple cider vinegar) or distilled white vinegar. Pour enough vinegar to cover the shells at least one inch above them. Cover the jar lightly with a lid (do not screw a lid on tightly), and let sit on your counter for a few days. You should start to see the shells creating bubbles in the vinegar. After a few days, strain out the shells, and keep the liquid. Dilute your solution. Use a 1:4 ratio with your solution and water (one part vinegar solution to 4 parts water). You can now use this calcium-rich solution for your plants! Spray onto the surrounding soil of your plants. Tomatoes, peppers, and brassica plants really enjoy this!

3. Use as a seedling pot! 

Put your compost-rich soil directly into your eggshell and plant your seed inside. Once the seedling is large enough, you can plant this entire plant, shell and all, right into the ground!

4. Make into a natural kitchen scrub powder!

Simply bake your eggshells at 300 degrees F for 30 minutes. Allow to cool. Place your baked shells into a blender, and pulverize into a fine powder.  Use this as a gentle abrasive additive to scrub pots and pans and cast iron skillets!

5. Give to your chickens!

Bake your eggshells at 300 degrees F for 30 minutes. This makes sure you kill any bacteria lingering on the shells you've been collecting. Allow to cool. Place your shells into a blender and crush into a coarse powder. Offer to you chickens as-is, or add to their favorite treat! I make a "mash" of the baked shells, oats, and blueberries, and they go crazy over it!