Chicken Treat Recipes

Here are a few of my chickens' favorite treat recipes!

Blueberry "Mash"

This consists of crushed and baked eggshells, organic oats, frozen or fresh blueberries, and just a little bit of water. Mix well, and offer to your chickens! *Optional Bonus: add probiotics into the mix! 

Blueberry "Mash" with Sourdough Discard

Use the above recipe, and add in your sourdough discard, too! This contains beneficial bacteria that helps chickens with digestion.


Homemade sprouts are extremely easy to grow, and they just take a few days. Simply add beans/lentils/grains to a jar, cover with water, and add either citric acid or cinnamon*. Cover with a sprout strainer lid. Let this sit overnight. In the morning, strain the beans and turn upside down on a plate. Rinse and drain your beans at least once a day until about 5 days. Give to your chickens as-is!

*Reasoning for citric acid or cinnamon: both prevent mold from growing in your sprout jar. Mold is very toxic to chickens. You only need a small amount. Both have been proven to be safe for chicken consumption.

Mealworms or BSFL (black soldier fly larvae)

You can get these dried worms almost anywhere online! Here are my favorite brands. Mealworms and BSFL

Yogurt and fruit "popsicles" 

Mix organic unflavored yogurt and your choice of fruit. Apples and blueberries are their favorite. Make sure if using apples, to remove all of the seeds from the apple first- they're toxic to chickens! Combine in a blender, pour and spread over a tray lined with parchment paper. Place in the freezer overnight. In the morning, remove the tray of yogurt, and break into small pieces and give to your chickens!


As simple as it sounds, just slice a watermelon in half, and let them go to town!