Post-Workout Protein Shake Recipe

DIY post-workout protein shake recipe without added fillers and chemicals!

This recipe is to make your own post-workout protein powder in bulk

Each 1/4 cup of this mixture is about 19g of protein.

This has a strawberry-milk flavor to it!


3 c Micellar Milk Casein (grass-fed)

3/4 c Collagen Peptides (grass-fed)

1/4 c Freeze-dried Strawberry Powder

2 T Camu Powder

3 T Vanilla Sugar (or monk fruit sweetener powder)

1 T Reishi Mushroom Powder

1 T Ashwagandha Powder

1 T Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder

1. Combine all ingredients into your stand mixer with the whisk attachment. Mix for about 1-2 minutes until combined, scraping the sides down periodically.

2. Store in an airtight container with a moisture-absorbing packet.

3. Ready to use to mix in water or milk after your next workout!